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Fundraising Implementation

Nearly every nonprofit has to fundraise, and for many, it's a struggle. We see so many places get into a rut with fundraising. Our mentoring program is great for those who want to lear fundraising and develop skills. This fundraising implementation is for those places who need more advice, and help actually implementing those ideas and strategies. Fundraising does not need to be difficult. We can help you implement a realistic and executable plan. With accountability and guidance, you can (and should) feel confident in your ability to meet your nonprofit's needs year-over-year.

Advanced Coaching

Our implementation package goes with advanced coaching. The goal is for you to learn the skills and internalize them institutionally. We spend more time with you throughout the course of 18-24 months to pass off the skills and knowledge to you and your team.

Prospect Research

We help nonprofit leaders identify potential major donors and strategize on how to approach them for a gift, how much to ask for, and coach you through the discussion. We even provide leads and prospective qualified donors. 

Wealth Screening

As part of prospect research we provide detailed wealth analytics for your audience and help you identify the top prospects for various needs. 

Data Review and Management

We help you look within your data to identify opportunities. "But we already asked everyone we know" - hear it all the time. But there was never a time we could not uncover opportunities and low-hanging fruit right within your own data (even if it's disorganized)!

Copywriting, Design, and Print

Newsletters, appeals, brochures... you name it. We can help you write it, design it, print it, and mail it. 

Donor Engagement

Engaging and stewarding donors helps retain them, increase their giving, and encourages them to share your mission with their friends. There are elements of marketing, communications, PR, etc. and we help you with as much of this as you require.

If we make the recommendation, we stand ready to implement that strategy with you.


Our Fundraising Implementation packages start at $3,000 per month and are scaled to your organization's exact needs.

Already have a project or campaign in motion? 

Call us and tell us where you are for a reasonable quote.

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