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Get Your Board on Board

Before volunteering to be a member of a board, please know that you are an important player in the business of fundraising. Every board member has the responsibility as a fundraiser and friend raiser. We hear all the time that board member are not engaged enough in their duties. It's time to get your board members on board. 

Each board member should be making a personal annual gift to your organization. If they can’t tell prospective donors they support the organization financially, how can the donor be expected to do so?

Board members should meet quarterly with development personnel and learn the campaigns and strategies the organization uses. Show support to the staff, encourage their efforts, and understand the resources needed to meet fundraising goals. 

Board members are ideal candidates to help thank donors and identify other giving opportunities. They should be attending all events, bring friends and communicate with participants about the wonderful work your organization is doing. 

Your board can also be helpful in cultivating new donors by hosting something at their own home or virtually. Invite people with a common bond and tell the story of what motivated them to serve on your board and why it makes a difference. Help board members develop their own personal why story to open more doors. 

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