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Give Your Fundraising a Boost

Updated: Feb 26

Businesses affiliated with your non-profit can be an excellent source of untapped fundraising dollars. A business like any donor will give funds to an alliance they have for an organization or a cause they want to support. Look for complimentary companies who may partner with you. These are not companies providing identical services, but provide a product of service that can dove tail with your offerings.

Look at accounts payable and consider your current vendors. Also target local businesses that your organization may support. (Supplies, Restaurants, Landscaping, Cleaning etc.) They are no different than other a prospects, except that you already have an existing relationship.

Maybe a sponsorship for an upcoming program or event may spur interest. Have a clear vision and story as to why the funds are needed, show the benefit of sponsorship by way of a brochure or other marketing material and how the business sponsor will be highlighted. The business sponsorship package should be in writing and ideally have different levels of sponsorship a business can choose. 

Don't forget to mine your current database. You may have donors and prospects you have been trying to cultivate who are current business owners. A warm prospect who may be familiar with your mission is a great place to start. 

Business sponsorship dollars can also be used to promote a challenge gift. If the business isn’t opposed to more publicity (and who would be) than just the normal level sponsorship, more dollars can be secured from other donors by utilizing their sponsor dollars.

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