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Your Website is the Window Into Your Nonprofit

Updated: Feb 28

If eyes are the windows into one’s soul, then your website is certainly the window into your organization. Your organization’s website offers you the benefit to keep current and relevant information at the forefront of prospects and donors. It provides endless opportunities to bring knowledge to our community. Share your vision and mission for your organization.

Since nothing replaces a donor’s affinity for the cause, Emphasize a Clear Mission! A first impression is difficult to change, this also holds true for your non-profit. The mission statement should be clear to see and explain the organization's purpose and why it exists.

Your website should describe information on your programs and services, the impact they will make to benefit the end recipient of your work.

Always be ready and accessible to answer questions or concerns from prospects and donors. Transparency within your organization and to the outside world is becoming more important every day. Include annual reports and financial statements of how funds are being used. Share and promote your goals to measure success. 

Make it easy and secure for donors to give. Your donation button might be in a different color to bring attention to your need for support. It should be visible on every page. Choose a vendor with several options, so donors can choose how they want to support your organization.

Donors and prospects respond to testimonials and donor stories which build trust with your organization. Photos or videos can make a big impact on donors who are looking for that affinity with your nonprofit and trigger an emotional response.

Always open the window and encourage donors to engage with you about new endeavors. Communication keeps content fresh and a reason to return to your website for more information.

Don't hesitate to speak with us about your website and donor engagement.

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