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Searching for seed money?

Updated: Feb 28

Need Seed Money for Your New Nonprofit?

Finding seed money for a new nonprofit can seem like a daunting task, but there are several strategies that can prove fruitful. Each plays a role in your search for initial seed money,  but also for continued fundraising as you grow your mission.


Start by reaching out to your personal network, which includes family, friends, and professional contacts. They might be willing to contribute financially to your cause, or they might know others who would.  Consider taking our course “Finding New Donors” where we outline a very specific efficient and effective strategy to accomplish your goals.

Board Members

Utilize your well-connected Board members who are already passionate about your cause. They are part of another separate network of people and resources from which your nonprofit can draw.


Another strategy is to research and apply for grants. Many foundations and government agencies offer grants specifically for nonprofits. These grants can provide substantial funding, but they also require a significant amount of time and effort. Potential sources of grants include community foundations, corporate foundations, and government agencies. Grants have funding cycles and application deadlines, and they require more turnaround time than the average donor.

Launch Event

Finally, consider hosting a launch fundraising event. In combination with family and friends, your connected Board members and maybe a community partner. An event will bring in some money, but also help to raise awareness about your nonprofit and its mission.

Don’t rely too heavily on one strategy over another. Diversified funding sources will always be an important component of your fundraising plans. 

Please schedule a call with us to discuss ways your nonprofit can find seed money to move your mission forward.

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