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Is Your Mission Like an Apple?

Updated: Feb 28

Think about your mission like a brand. Some people only buy Apple products, others order exclusively from Amazon or drink only Pepsi. Let’s review what creates affinity for a brand.

Are you offering a quality product? Your mission needs to be true to its existence. Are you meeting your philanthropic goals? Are the benefactors of your mission being helped in ways that are meaningful? Are donations dollars being driven down to recipients to make a difference? Are you being fiscally responsible? Do you have a compelling story? What makes it special? The answers to these questions all factor into what makes donors give to you. 

Review what the buying experience is like for your donors-

  • Do you offer donors available giving options? Donors want options so they give to what they feel passionate about. 

  • Was donating an easy process with good flow or was it a hassle? Your donation button should be easily seen and displayed on your website. Donors do not want to be redirected from your website to a payment provider. Utilize an embedded donor experience and make it simple. 

  • Is the contact information on your website readily available?  If donors want to speak with someone at your organization, that information should be very easy to access. Don’t ask them to fill out a form and you will contact them when it’s convenient for you. Donating is about the donor, not you and your schedule.  

Affinity for the cause is the #1 reason why donors give to an organization. Affinity is really a bond of the heart. This bond can be created by personal experiences of the donor, knowing a recipient of your mission’s philanthropy, wonderful childhood memories or a strong sense and desire to help others.

Make sure the product and brand you designed meets the needs of both recipients of philanthropy and donors alike. This will create the affinity for the cause close to someone’s heart and foster a long term relationship with prospects and donors. 

Schedule time with us for simple PR strategies and getting the word out about your nonprofit organization.

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