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Are Donors the Key Aspect of Your Nonprofit?

Updated: Feb 28

Well, donors are one of the most important parts of nonprofit fundraising. But the most important aspect of your nonprofit is the foundation, infrastructure, and its people. Not just any people. Success is dependent upon the right team in place to create the vision, plan, implement the steps and promote proven strategies. This critical group will be the ambassadors to advance your overall mission. 

Don’t hesitate to reassess current staff skill sets and determine strengths/weaknesses. Projects and tasks can be reshuffled in determining the best fit for specific functions and needs. Focus on strengths to maximize your results and achieve goals. There may be someone in your organization or a volunteer who is shy about asking for additional work or doesn’t even realize you need help with specific tasks. Sometimes an staff person hates what they are doing now but would be open to working on a different project.

Also, make sure SOPs are in place to create clear instructions and efficiency. If you aren't available, staff and volunteers have a set of policies and procedures to fall back on.

Internal communication is as important, if not more important than donor communications. Put together a quick staff survey for feedback, interests, and skill sets. The results could make a big difference in your organization. 

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