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The Be-ology of the Millennial Giver

Updated: Feb 28

I read a Wall Street Journal article discussing the millennial group’s fast-growing wealth. They will shift focus on having enough money to having more than they will spend. Not surprising, the vast majority will leave their wealth to children, family, and friends. Some will choose to leave more than just a token to charities, especially religious and education.

However, 10-25% of the new wealth generation will create 2 interesting issues. The first will be that gifts will double from current levels of the average donor today. However, the next generation of donors will be much more demanding and want specifics to support a nonprofit organization.

Let’s look at what this new generation of philanthropy wants from the non-profit marketplace. 

First and foremost is sharing the mission and vision of your organization. What is your mission? Does it match with the fundamental thoughts, feelings, and goals of your future donor base? Share the vision of your organization today and how you see it taking shape in the future. Is the vision clear and are the goals achievable? 

Tackling the Be-ology challenge will be important to younger donors.

  • Be able to share your vision and mission

  • Be ready with a strategy

  • Be transparent

  • Be accountable and accessible

  • Be willing to share information and measure success

Be-ology will be critical to your success. Don’t ignore the younger generation of donors. They may surprise you.  Book some time with us to learn more about generation giving.

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